Happydashery is not just a place you can go to buy little bits of happy, it is also a place where you can take part in workshops and other events.  We will be hosting private views, evenings with local authors and a bookclub and workshops, amongst other things.  We will keep you posted with details of what's coming up soon but do keep checking in here for our list of upcoming events...  

Screenprinting with Flat102 on Thursday 27th June, 7-9pm.  

Join Steph from Flat102 and learn how to screen print onto a tote bag, cushion cover or tea towel using a paper stencil.

This workshop is ideal for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of screen printing.

The class will cover how to screen print using paper stencils. Steph will teach you how to utilise different paper cutting techniques to produce a stencil of your own design, along with how to prep the screen ready to print your own tote bag or tea towel.

It is helpful to come to the workshop with the design you would like to print or some visuals that inspire you, but don’t worry there will also be some templates available on the day.

All the materials you’ll need, including your choice of either a tote bag or tea towel, will be provided and additional items to print on will be available to purchase on the day. Alternatively, please feel free to bring your own items to print on, light coloured cotton items work the best.

You will be provided with refreshments during the event.  We will provide tea, coffee and prosecco, as well as a selection of nibbles.  If you have any particular allergies, please do inform us before the event.

By the end of the workshop, you will have learnt:

1. How to cut a paper stencil
2. How to prep your screen for printing
3. How to apply ink to the screen
4. How to hold the squeegee
5. How to print
6. How to clean your screen!

You will get to go home with either a tote bag, cushion cover or a tea towel.

The cost for this workshop is £55.  Please follow this link to book tickets.

To find out more about Steph you can find her at: