Meet The Happies

Meet The Happies

Meet The Happies

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Meet The Happies!

We've got some new friends and they can't wait to get to know you.


Hux Happy Icon

Hux likes to run and jump - they are always full of energy!

Alex Happy icon

Alex loves dressing-up and pretending - do you like their hat?

Piper Happy Icon

Piper loves cuddles and soft toys, they are the baby of the bunch

Penn Happy Logo

Penn is creative and likes to get messy, there's always chaos when Penn is around

Yan Happy Icon

Yan loves to read and relax, find them chilling in a quiet corner


The Happies are the mascots of Happydashery's new Little Corner, a place for kids to discover new things, get creative and maybe spend some hard-earned pocket money. Watch out for our Happies appearing in store soon...