Meet Sakina from Hey I’m Sakina

Meet Sakina from Hey I’m Sakina

Meet Sakina from Hey I’m Sakina

We absolutely fell in love with Sakina’s work when we saw it and love just how positive and strong all of her messages are, whether on her cards or her prints. In Sakina’s own words, she believes in, ‘bringing people together through shared human values’, and her work is a true reflection of this motivation. You can read more about this amazing person and her lovely brand, in her own words, below and you can see more of her collection that we currently have in (& will be adding to again soon) on our website! 

Please can you tell us a little bit about you and your brand?

Hey I’m Sakina, I’m a French-Moroccan artist and illustrator living in London. I create uplifting art and stationery, the range includes art prints, greeting cards, notebooks and wrapping paper. 


Please can you tell us about your inspiration for your business?

My inspiration is my daily life, the people I meet, my double culture (now triple) and the eclecticism of London. My main motif and inspiration is womanhood in all its diversity and complexity. I like to represent all the strong women who are part of my life. I’m also inspired and fascinated by plants, they have so many properties and are so interesting. I like to include some greenery in my work.


What is the ethos behind your brand?

The ethos behind my brand is to uplift and inspire people and bring them joy by creating wholesome stationery. I’m passionate about celebrating diversity through my work. I love to connect with people. 


What is the most enjoyable thing about your business?

The most enjoyable thing is to see my illustrations come to life on prints and cards and then see them bring joy to people who buy them for their loved ones or for themselves. 


What are your top tips for anyone wanting to start their own creative business? 

Don’t compare yourself with others! Your path is unique and your voice is valid. 


How do you get yourself out of any creative slumps?

I step away, do something nice like going for a walk in the park, having a coffee or doing some yoga. When I come back, I have a better outlook and I’m ready to create again. 


What songs feature most on your playlist for when you are working? 

I varies a lot; I listen to all sorts of songs and genres. I have songs in English, French, Arabic and more! I don’t really listen to the same thing too much but I love Lizzo for a boost. 


What do you like doing in your downtime away from your business?

During my downtime I like to meet up with friends, spend time with my husband. Enjoy some good food, go to see exhibitions in the many lovely galleries and museums we are lucky to have in London. I also like to walk in the park and take care of my plants. 


What is next for your business?  

Keep creating and focusing a bit more on my greeting cards. They are such a nice way to celebrate all the everyday wins and milestones.